Information about training

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The track is approx 700 m and the longest indoor track in Europe. It is provided with various jumps and curves. See the Track display at the bottom of this page.

You can sign in on phone no. +45 23 30 22 39 or, or you can check the front page and see the opening hours of the track. If the track is open you can just turn up without prior registration.

You park in the Paddock. Pull your bike into the parc ferme area, where all your gear will be stored next to your bike. You sign up and pay your fee to the coach leader in the box. We accept cash and visa cards. Two-stroke engines must use the specific Aspen petrol to prevent too heavy smoke formation. Riders are divided into two separate groups: Minis and Maxis. Micros are allowed to train as well by joining the group of Minis. Sometimes beginners and experienced riders train separately, depending on who is participating.

Everybody starts by riding a slow round on the track.
The coach leader will be in charge of exchanging the groups. You can relax in the parc ferme area, along the barriers or in the canteen.

All bike riding is at your own risk and Supercross renounces any responsibility.
Yellow flash = slow riding, no jumping or overtaking.
Bike riding is not allowed, unless the flag post is manned.
Red light at the end of track means end of training
If you start your engine outdoors you will be expelled immediately.
Your standard muffler must be in a good state.
You must show consideration to others riders on the track, good behaviour outside the track and towards the neighbourhood.


Prices DKK EUR
Price per training Maxi: 375,00 50,00
Price per 10 x training Maxi:  3375,00 450,00
Price per training Mini: 300,00 40,00
Price per 10 x training Mini: 2700,00 360,00
Price per training Quad: 500,00 70,00
Price per 10 x training Quad: 4500,00  600,00


Team-training is possible if the track is closed to other riders. Phone and ask about price and booking.


What can I buy in the canteen?
You can normally buy beverages and some sweets and chocolate. Many riders bring their own food to eat in our canteen, where you have a view over the track. In the village of Breum there is a baker shop, pizzeria and a convenience store, where you can do your shopping. After training you can order dinner at the local inn.

Can I take a shower after training?
Yes, at a price of 20 DKK. You must have finished showering before closing time. The coach leader will give you access.

What about a licence?
The track is approved by Danish Motorsports Union (DMU). We demands therefor that you have a DMU/DMCU licence or a licence in the country you come from and in coopertion with DMU/FIM.

What about insurance?
All riders should have a casualty insurance covering leisure activities, and if you are riding on a regular basis, this is particularly important. Do not forget to tell your insurance company that you are a motocross rider (dangerous sport). If you have a motor sport licence a group insurance is paid for as well. Supercross is covered by compulsory trade liability insurance.

What about accommodation?
Reference is made to the inns and youth hostels in the neighbourhood.